Private Care

Why opt for private care?

A private obstetric care package allows you to get to know and trust your obstetrician from the very early stages of your pregnancy.

The continuity of care supports a relaxed experience and safeguards the highest level of antenatal care.

You are able to meet with the same and most qualified person for all your appointments.

Continuity and consistency of care prevents receiving confusing or even conflicting information.


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As a private patient you will also have more flexibility regarding appointment times and a more efficient handling of any queries and concerns.

Private care allows you to have direct access to a consultant specialist in the maternity unit. Your private obstetrician will also be available for any emergencies. The direct access allows you to answer your questions personally and help relieve anxieties and fears.

In the very rare event of your obstetrician not being available, she will arrange cover by a close consultant colleague from her immediate team that you can also meet from the start of your pregnancy.

Knowing that you have one of the most highly trained and experienced clinicians at hand can make labour a lot less stressful.

Over the course of your antenatal appointments you develop a personal and close relationship with your consultant obstetrician and this helps significantly when you’re in labour.

You won’t need to discuss your birth plan or try to familiarise yourself with a new doctor when you are in labour.

And there are, of course, the obvious comforts of the private unit. Having your own private room and bathroom is really important when you have just given birth.

All our rooms in the Kensington Wing have beds for the partners and you can therefore share the first hours and days with your family.

A personal environment with extra midwifery support helps you to enjoy those special moments with your new baby and family.

The Kensington Wing at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital will provide you and your baby with the best possible care to ensure that this part of your journey is as relaxed and as stress-free as possible. This is why we offer a wide range of options for the various stages of your pregnancy, from antenatal care to childbirth through to postnatal care, all individually tailored to your specific needs.

“Great service, lovely and very competent midwives. First class.
The experience could not have been better! Thanks for everything.”

For more information about the Kensington Wing (Private Maternity Unit) at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital download our brochure HERE or by clicking the picture.

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